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Making your views known 

Currently, there are limited opportunities to participate in the Appeal Process being managed by the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the St Congar Land planning application to build 212 houses on the former Molins site.

Meanwhile it is possible to view here all the original submissions that were received by WDC prior to the Appeal starting, together with all third party submissions to the Planning Inspectorate prior to the 8 December 2015 deadline.

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Current situation summary

The Area Action Plan for Greater Saunderton was abandoned in November 2015. 

The original application of January 2015 for redevelopment of the Molins site was appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in September 2015.

The Appellant, St Congar Land claims that Wycombe District Council failed to determine the application. WDC will claim that the Appellant failed to provide the information necessary to allow it to determine the application. The Inspectorate completed its scrutiny and validated the Appeal with a start date of 27th October, 2015. The Appeal under reference APP/K0425/W/15/3135297 can be viewed through the Inspectorate's Appeals Planning Portal.

The Appeal has a dedicated Case Officer who manages the appeal process and administers and updates the portal. Correspondence and queries can be addressed to him by email or by telephone. The portal provides a case summary but no Appeal documentation or correspondence is currently published there. Residents and others interested can however view documentation through the WDC Planning Portal.

The Appeal proceeded as a Public Inquiry and involved a public hearing of the Appeal locally so that third parties, including residents, could attend and give evidence. The Appeal was subsequently called in the Secretary of State, and the Appeal Inspector's Report is still due to be submitted to Sajid David, with the deadline now showing To Be Advised (13 June 2017).  There remains correspondence between WDC and St Congar regarding several technical issues about the Appeal and the Neighbourhood Plan process.  The Plan was voted through in the Parish Referendum and it is on course to be adopted by Wycombe District Council.  WDC continues defend itself against challenges by St Congar.

This page last updated 13 June 2017.

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