We will add all useful documents and links here.  Please let us know if you find other items of interest.

Appeal process managed by Planning Inspectorate

  1. Link to Planning Inspectorate portal
  2. Link to WDC Planning webpage with updated Appeal submissions from third parties
  3. Link to Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Neighbourhood Plan website
  4. Link to Planning Inspectorate Guide (document will download in web browser as PDF file)

Original planning application by St Congar Land

  1. Link to planning application - this is where you can make comments or objections.  You can use the website after creating an account, OR youcan email Lucy Bellinger (WDC Planning Officer) directly.
  2. Link to St Congar Land website.
  3. Link to recommended technical and substantive issues that local residents and interested parties might like to consider if making an objection
  4. Link to a template letter which you might like to adapt and use as a basis for your own letter.
  5. Link to website run on behalf of St Congar Land re Molins site

Area Action Plan (now abandoned) covering Greater Saunderton plans

  1. Link to WDC website page that contains information about plans for Greater Saunderton.
  2. Link to WDC Saunderton Village Information Plan
  3. Link to WDC Local Development Scheme March 2015
  4. Link to Central Bucks HEELA document, which creates guidelines for the identification of land suitable for housing development, so very clearly important for this process
  5. Link to WDC website, Minutes of meeting where Task & Finish Group responsibilities and timescales are clarified (see point 5)
  6. Link to Cllr Savage letter to local residents inviting them to attend restricted public meeting 7 October 2015
  7. Link to WDC flyer regarding the restricted public meeting for 7 October 2015.
  8. Link to BFP coverage of WDC press statement re Greater Saunderton plans 3 September 2015

Interesting articles and supporting information

  1. Link to MAG presentation shared at Bledlow Ridge Village Hall meeting 24th March 2015.
  2. Link to Carl Etholen, County Councillor, (now Bledlow & Bradenham District Councillor) speech delivered at Bledlow Ridge Village Hall meeting 24th March 2015
  3. Link to Parish Council website
  4. Link to article in Daily Telegraph re Eric Pickles unveiling of New Protections for England's Green Belt
  5. Link to Chilterns AONB website
  6. Link to National Trust article "Countryside at risk from "gaming" developers"
  7. Link to National Planning Policy Framework document
  8. Link to Chiltern Society
  9. Link to Chiltern Society Press Release on planning threat to Green Belt
  10. Link to Campaign to Protect Rural England
  11. Link to campaign to Protect Rural England - Bucks page
  12. Email address for David Lidington, MP
  13. Email address for Carl Etholen, District Councillor
  14. Article in Guardian headed "The truth about property developers: how they are exploiting planning authorities and ruining our cities"
  15. Link to CPRE Bucks response to Wycombe District Consultation 
  16. Link to Meeting Minutes from Monday 15 June decision NOT to endorse the AONB Management Plan, nor make it of material consideration
  17. Link to Bucks Free Press article 2005 talking about preferred future employment use at Molins
  18. Link to the July Leaflet produced by Save Saunderton AONB and MAG.
  19. Link to CPRE document (2013) showing listing of green belt and AONB areas under threat of housing.
  20. Link to article by Alister Scott with views on latest changes to planning process
  21. Link to Government paper ("Fixing the Foundations") including changes to planning process (e.g. automatic approval of brownfield sites, see 9.13)
  22. Link to blog on Government's Productivity Plan
  23. Link to Guardian article on Government's Government Plan
  24. Link to WDC published Green Belt Assessment Methodology - with reference to Saunderton plans (page 13 item 2.2.45)
  25. Link to Bucks Free Press coverage of WDC statement by Leader of Council Councillor Katrina Wood on Greater Saunderton "sanity check", 3rd September 2015
  26. Link to Bucks Free Press coverage including MAG contribution and Cllr Carl Etholen
  27. Link to MAG presentation used in meeting with WDC 28th September 2015
  28. Link to Guardian article on National Trust view that local planners do not deal with AONB planning issues well.